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Wag’er’ing War on the Web

This past Saturday’s edition of The New York Times showcased ever-popular and ever-sellable stories of sex, storms, and slander. But amidst the sensational, the Times managed to sneak in a little statistics… Stakes Statistics that is. We are talking about the lottery.

The article, found at : , reveals how lottery ticket sales (much like lipstick) increase in tougher economic times, and rise with unemployment.

Ah, the Audacity of Hope. True, logic and lottery are hardly synonymous, but with Lehman on its last legs and Bear Sterns obliterated, a business-as-usual life seems more of the gamble these days.

And there is no greater gamble than wagering your image: a lesson Senator John McCain, and many of his staffers, so unpleasantly discovered. The McCain camp certainly advocates protectionism over probability when it comes to policy, so why didn’t they apply that platform to the press?

The current article in the Atlantic Monthly is a glaring example of just how easy it is to lose control of the image you project.  Social networking sites such as and have allowed any person to become his or her own photojournalist, making personal privacy a thing of the past and personal publicity all the rage. But what happens when the personal interferes with the professional, when statements are misconstrued, and photographs manipulated, and when Youtube has single handedly destroyed your online, not to mention your office, reputation? What? No one ever told you the limelight could be so loathsome?

theBreakingNEED  Controlling your Cyber Status.

Enter RepEquity.  Self-proclaimed protectors of your online presence, RepEquity is so much more than just a rescue-resource. Their team has developed proactive and pre-emptive tools and algorithms to not only recreate your Internet Identity, but also manage it for years to come. The image invention, or Reinvention, that RepEquity tailors re-enters the web atmosphere as the ultimate trusted source on you, your brand, your business, and even your buzz. Check them out at so that you smile instead of cringe the next time you Google yourself…

Bottom line is, these days we all need to be our own PR agents. When it comes to the internet, personal and professional publicity is now not just about politicking, but about policing! In our own individual wars with the world-wide-web, it is important to remember one thing: Perception IS Reality. And the true gamble is not getting in the game.

You got to be in it to win.

By Darcy Jones


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Aye Yi Y…IKE!

As hurricane Ike makes landfall tonight into tomorrow, all eyes will be on Texas. Like so many American’s in the past few months, Texans are boarding up and bracing for the direct hit. Fay, Gustav, Hanna and now Ike, all on the heals of the Midwest floods, have made the story of the 2008 storm season sound more like Exodus than A Year in Review. Did I mention we are still at war with terror?

Now that we Americans are fighting a war on weather and a war on terror the days of protecting ourselves with umbrellas, ponchos, and the ever popular “duck and cover” are long gone.

So what is theBreakingNeed?

Call it what you want: Disaster Duds or Crisis Crap there is a whole new brand of consumer in need and in want of survival stuff. And who knew FEMA was so fashionable?

In fact, the FEMA website provides an array of potential domestic disasters and how you can plan ahead for each and every one. Download the comprehensive “Are You Ready?” guide to individual preparedness at : .

So get with it and get ready!

The Weather Wardrobe

 Talk about ideal Gustav Garb! Merrell’s Gatherer Jacket’s weight and warmth can be individually adjusted by stuffing any items and/or materials you want into the empty insulation layer! Everything from food packets, blankets, personal essentials, and even debris could be used to keep you warm, and not weigh you down, in any situation.

Precautionary Purse

Advertised as “Survival in a Bottle” Lifeline’s new survival canteen contains a collection of essentials (pocket knife, blanket, flashlight, bandages) all packed into a water bottle! It comes in a wide selection of colors, to match any outfit and assist on any occasion.


TrendTip: The In-the-Event-of-an-Emergency Industry is in its infancy. But at this rate, we could be talking about Storm Stockings by Christmas.

Look for more on the still-to-come  “TrendWatch” section as we track the status of survival stuff.


Find the Survival Canteen at:

Find the Gatherer Jacket at:


by Darcy Jones

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A Lipstick Jungle

With all the talk of Lipstick Politics in the press this week, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Barrack Obama, with a little help from the news media of course, may have stoked an often-ignored TrendTrack…


Lipstick sales skyrocket in tough economic times. If we compare lipstick sales to the annual GDP throughout the past decades we see that the lipstick industry blossoms in harsher economic climates.

It’s hard to believe that lipstick could be considered as alternative nutrition when food prices skyrocket, right?

Indeed, but what lipstick does in fact feed is the age-old purchasing appetite. When a woman, and even a man, walks into a store, she, and he, can purchase a tube of designer lipstick without blowing a hole in his or her wallet. Designer duds are probably on the short list of live-without’s this year, but designer lipstick is surely in vogue and also in reach.

Trend Tip: Lips over Hips when the market Dips!

And now that putting lipstick on pets, pit-bulls and pigs a like, is so popular, the industry is probably projecting a very active fourth quarter. So can we expect to see Palin Pink hit the counters this holiday season?


I start this blog on the anniversary of the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks in celebration of all the trenders, trail blazers, and troops that propel and protect our great nation and the world. 

by Darcy Jones

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