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Lions and Tigers and… Barry! Oh my

In the spirit of Halloween, a very wise and witty woman showed me this goolish cartoon. With just days left until the longest awaited, or at least talked about, election arrives, a good joke was most appreciated. 

Laughs have been few and far between in this election season, and our presidential candidates are no Congressmen of Comedy. Combine economic woes with political overthrows, and Americans must be more than ready to escape their daily lives in disguise tonight. 

Just think how many Sarah Palin costumes were purchased this year. Certainly more than Joe the Plumber…

The country may feel that its been tricked enough, but it certainly doesn’t feel that its been treated enough. Yes, the polls are tight, but in the last moments of this race, Senator Obama stills holds the lead. So, what does that say about us as a society? As a nation, we may choose change for the mere certainty of change, come Tuesday. But change that competes with capitalism, in fact prevents any real change at all. Democracy is equal opportunity, not equal dispensability.

Take the trick-or-treater’s threshold of opportunity: the abandoned Halloween doorstep. A burgeoning bowl of candy sits propped up by a sign asking “Please Take Only One.” Children, and most adults for that matter, rarely take just one.

Because when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And the same goes for the polls. What one says is not always what one does. Polling is often a tale “Of Mice and Media,” and in this election, a tale of Politics and Perception.

Tale and fairy tale a like make for a great story. And the Robama Trend may be just that. Yes, the rob-from-the-rich-to-give-to-the-poor philosophy was carried out by the outlawed hero Robin Hood. But there is a new maverick in town… or, well not that maverick, actually Obama. Senator Obama cries for us all to ‘spread the wealth,’ and, of course, that is what we all hear. That is all we hear in fact. At least it was all we heard when Obama-TV aired Wednesday evening.

There is no doubt that most Americans, especially young Americans, are responding to the redistribution battle cry. Consciously and unconsciously, the Robama Regime has influence everything from


to Film:

to Food:


But whether you think it’s an Obama-nation, or an Abomination, there is no denying that we are under an Obama Occupation. 


By Darcy Jones


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