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Out: Beauty Blog, In: BOOT-Y Blog

If your December can be summed up simply as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives than it should come as no surprise that January holds in store a whole lot of Diets, Detox, and Discipline.

Enter the ultimate kick-in-the-pants trend to take 2009 by storm: Boot Camp. Or what we Washington women call Boot-y Camp.


Can you think of a better way to beat the bulge than burning it away with your best blond and brunette buddies?

Boot-y Camp alows you to sweat, socialize, and save all at once. Trainers often offer special rates that when split amongst a group allow you to get the combined benefits of personal training and personal relationships all in one hour (give or take).



And there are no better people to bust your but, than those who bust your chops: friends will keep you honest and make you enjoy your exercise endeavor.




So how do you go about creating this crazy camp? Here are some self-starting tips from the Boot-y Book:

1. Appointing a Leader 

Research trainers in your area that can offer a good group deal. Interview your trainer before you sign on: you will want to match his/her personality to the style of the group you want to create. A drill sergeant and a yoga instructor will lead two very different kinds of camps.

2. Safety in Numbers (not pounds) 

Gather together a good size group of 10-12 Boot-y Babes. A group this size will keep absences from effecting the energy of the group. (It will also cost you less than it would with a smaller group)

3. Boot-y Babes

When amassing your camp, be sure to gather a group of committed and supportive friends that you can let your hair down with (or in this case pull your hair back with). And remember that this is not a competitive camp, but a collective camp, so everyone doesn’t need to start at the same fitness level, just the same fun level.safe_image


4. Ready. Set. Goal

Set personal goals for and throughout the camp, and keep yourself and your friends honest about these goals. If healthy eating is a part of your camp’s program, keep a food journal. If strength training or muscle building is a key component of your camp, then have your trainer calculate BMI’s (Body Mass Index) and take before and after shots at each session. 

Set Group Goals too! Celebrate your camp’s completion! Plan a Girls Night Out (or even in) to celebrate your Boot-y Bodies with a bang. If you are Boot-y-fying you body for bikini season, maybe plan a trip to a warm destination to show off your success.


This may just be the most fun part: yes, the BOOT-Y BLOG.

Customize your camp by giving it an online identity. Track session updates, physical progress, share health tips and recipes, even upload photos of the group! Allow everyone to rant, rave, and respond and most importantly, remember.

Check out my camp’s Boot-y Blog

or go to

Bottoms Up!

Darcy Jones


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